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peter hodge

Peter Hodge

Creator of Bedlam | Bass | Vocalist

While up late one night watching Alan Berliner’s “Wide Awake” he was struck with the idea of creating a rock show about sleep, beds, and sleeps folk law.

He awoke well before daybreak for many months as he composed the songs for Bedlam. Now a wired insomniac he has picked up his bass guitar and learnt to sing the occasional song to take Bedlam to fortune and fame.

marilyn collins-smith


Marilyn Collins-Smith


Our gorgeous and extremely talented singer comes to us straight from the depths of Tauranga’s performing arts scene.

With her hectic life she has found it hard to spend enough time in her beloved bed where she dreams of treading the stages of Broadway, West end, and Shortland Street.



Cassandra (Cassie) De Barcenas


The extremely talented young singer, song writer who has be dragged from her cleaning job to bring us her song “Told Me So”.

An immaculately tidy person, we are blessed to be graced with her presence to polish our instruments and iron our clothes.



Bevin Hayward


The Mower Man who haunts the back yards of Tauranga dreaming of the ultimate guitar solo.

His main aim in life is to play with Steve Vai one of the worlds guitar virtuoso. He can make is guitar talk, squawk, and is presently teaching it to walk.


jimmy kirkpatrick


Jimmy Kirkpatrick


One of New Zealand’s most solid drummers, he was struck with the compulsion to take up the sticks after seeing Gary Glitter live in Invercargill.

A recent Invercargill import, Jimmy is finding it hard to change his sleep patterns from the Deep South to more Northern longitudes.  

Ted E Bear


Ezra Hodge

Ted E Bear

Peter's daughter was listening to Bedlam and said "Dad, you need a Teddy Bear in the show." The rest is history!

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