It's here! "Bedlam" - the first installment in the Bedlam series, based around Dolly Dreamer's infatuation with sleep.

With appearances from Mavis the Maid the compulsive cleaner, the stoned Tooth Fairy, the demanding Teddy Bear, and Dr. Dick the egoistical lover. Come have your dreams of a good nights sleep shattered!

Spread the dream... more to come!

Peter Hodge


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You can download a taster of the show:

Play Sample of Bedlam - My BedMy Bed (3Mb)Play Sample of Bedlam - Tooth FairyTooth Fairy (3Mb) Play Sample of Bedlam - Told Me SoTold Me So (3Mb) Play Sample of Bedlam - Told Me SoLive Show Recordings