Part 1 | Dreamer

Dolly Dreamer: Totally infatuated with sleep and dreaming.

Mavis the Maid: The Dreamer's maid who is a compulsive cleaner and her loyal supporter.

Teddy Bear: The long-loved teddy who sulks when not given hugs.

Tooth Fairy: Stoned on mercury and grinding our children's teeth into the sleep in our eyes.

Dr. Dick Dream: The egotistical Dream Analyst with his brain between his legs.



Part 2 | Insomniac

The Insomniac: Totally hyped and wired. Desperately seeking that illusive sleep.

Boogie Man: The Insomniac's nemesis who haunts the depths of his mind.

Valarie Valium: The saviour of sleep and the Insomniac's new love but with hidden dominatrix tendencies.

Wee Willy Winky: Defended by his lawyer, they fight political correctness.



Part 3 | Union

The Dreamer and the Insomniac: Their meeting and endeavours to create a love affair.

A reunion of past characters: Will Teddy come between them both? Will Mavis make the bed for them? Will any of their past lovers reclaim their love?

Will Winky save them all... ??

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