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Moana Bianchin
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definition of life coaching

Life coaching helps you identify and achieve your personal goals using a variety of tools and techniques. It is not therapy or counselling, nor does it focus on the past.

I will support you to look at your life and explore what you are wanting more of, and less of. What specific goals do you have in your life? Your relationships, career, health, finances and even your spirituality.

I support you to establish where you are in relation to your goals, to identify your obstacles and to course correct along the way. To know your strengths and to achieve your goals with confidence.



"If you are thinking of doing some coaching with Moana, and want to know what it's like, maybe it would help to know what it was like for me . . .

Moana's session with me helped me to move forward to a challenge I had chosen for myself with more clarity and confidence. I also came out of that challenge with new skills, more ability to be playful and humorous (a personal intention I had set), and a greater sense of being able to appreciate and stay connected to my husband.

To what do I attribute this stunning result from a first coaching session? I attribute it to my clear intent, to my asking for support, and to Moana's generous response.

How was it that I felt so safe and supported in just one session? Moana's clear use of language, her acknowledgement and support of skills I already have, and her ability to keep pace with my changes of feeling state helped me feel safe to share at a deep level. Moana was able to lead me to a new understanding of how what I need and what I want are different. This understanding was key in how I met my challenge."

VW | Christchurch NZ



The initial coaching session is around 1.5 hours and subsequent sessions usually an hour. These may take place face to face, by phone or by Skype.


couple coaching

Want to get more out of your relationship? To deepen your connection, understand each other more, learn how to communicate more effectively so your needs can both be met?


about me

I live with my husband Peter on our beef and sheep farm south of Tauranga with our two teens and six year old. I have a BSc in Chemistry and Microbiology and I worked in the Dairy Industry as a Food Microbiologist when I was in my twenties.

I created my own quilt and needlecraft business, Web Stitch which I sold eight years later. My passions include photography, website design looking after our native flora and fauna, our local school Oropi School and of course, my family.

Check out my husband's music on bravo-bravo.com


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